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The Flying E's

Equestrian Drill Team

Exclusive Equine Center is home to the The Flying E's, a drill team started by Missy and Anna in 2022. The 12 riders perform at the Minnesota State Fair and hope to add additional performances in the upcoming year. We have riders of all ages and experiences. Our main goal is to have fun while learning the difficult maneuvers and training required in one of the few team orientated equestrian disciplines.

Flying E's 2022_edited.jpg

Our Story

Performing in a drill team had been a life long dream for Anna so in the winter of 2021, we decided to give it a try and see what we could do. Finding a number of riders and horses  qualified for the rigors of the demanding sport was difficult, but we eventually found 6 more awesome people that could get us started.

They are almost no drill team competitions near us. So for now, we settled for performing at the Minnesota State Fair. We were able to connect with the one other Drill Team still performing at the State Fair to get some help.

Last year we were able to expand the team to 12 members which allows for some more technical maneuvers. This year we are hoping to add at least one more performance to our roster. 

Meet The Team

2023 State Fair Performance

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