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Down a quiet dirt road, amidst the rolling hills of Hugo, Exclusive Equine Center is a little piece of heaven that will quickly become your second home. Our facility boasts 38 stalls with mats and automatic waterers. Hay nets and fans with enclosed motors are allowed in the stalls. The barn is heated with a in-floor heat system and remains comfortably warm in the winter. Thanks to a well designed airflow layout and insulation, it also remains cool during the hot summer months. At Exclusive Equine Center everyone is welcome: boarded horses range from World Champion show horses to senior horses enjoying their retirement. 


Board includes Purina Strategy, Impact Professional or Enrich with other Purina feed available*. Our local Purina nutritional expert is available to answer any questions you may have. We also source our hay locally to ensure quality and safety. For senior horses needing special feed instructions such as soaked grain and hay cubes, arrangements can be made. Feeding supplements and meds is included provided they are in baggies or containers that are easy to give. More complicated medications and bandaging is available for additional fees. Our staff is very adept at handling many rehab situations including eye medications given multiple time per day. Blanketing is included in stall board, but owners are responsible for leaving the correct blanket on the stall. Owners and staff live on-site to help with any emergencies. With experienced professionals caring for your horse, you’ll never worry about their care and well-being when you cant make it to the barn.

Ride through the trails on our own 60 acres of fields and woods or haul to one of the numerous local parks just a short distance away. A variety of clinics, group trail rides and parties are available to boarders on a regular basis and are posted on our Facebook group page. 


Stall Board


  • 12x12 and 12x10 matted stalls

  • Automatic waterers

  • House grain: Purina Strategy, Enrich, or Impact Professional Performance

  • Purina Senior Grain available 

  • Grain fed 2x/daily

  • Grass/Alfalfa mixed hay fed three times daily

  • Owner supplied supplements fed

  • Blanketing included

  • Daily half day private paddock turnout

  • All day semi-private turnout available based upon availability

  • Stalls cleaned twice per day​​



Paddock Board

Pasture Board

  • Small herd sizes

  • No mixed herds

  • House grain: Enrich, fed 2x/daily 

  • Grass/Alfalfa mixed round bales in netted hay huts

  • Shelter

  • Limited Availability

  • Dry lot runs

  • Private to semi-private

  • House grain: Enrich, Strategy, Impact Professional Performance

  • Purina Senior Grain available

  • Grain fed 2x/daily

  • Grass/Alfalfa mixed hay fed three times daily

  • Shelters

  • Limited Availability

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